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My original pieces

I tend to paint on large surfaces and my pieces are usually above the average size for wildlife paintings. I have done some smaller pieces in the past but have the most fun when in front of a decently sized canvas. Below are a selection of my available artworks and those which have been sold.

Mother lion and cubs_edited.jpg

"The protective mother" [SOLD]

Oil on belgian linen, 28 in x 20 in

This was a commission for a fan of lions who wanted to offer his mother an artwork featuring these big cats as a gift. The collector wanted to depict a lioness guarding her two cubs, as a reference to his mother having been protective of him and his brother as they grew up.


"Siberian Tiger"

Oil on Board, 32 in x 24 in, 2023

Tito is the portrait of a siberian tiger, the largest breed of tigers in the world. I wanted to paint it in such a way that the feline would be staring right back at the viewer. From a distance, the piece blurs the line between painting and photograph. But come closer and the exquisite brush marks reveals the artist's intention.


Oil on belgian linen, 46 in x 46 in, 2023

This is the largest piece I have ever attempted. It depicts a scene of a female leopard running away from the viewer, but stops one last time to make sure it isn't followed, before disappearing amongst the trees. The colours are reminiscent to just before dusk, where the warm light is casting a light rim on the cat silhouette. Night bugs are starting to fly around the leopard. I wanted to also depict a not so obvious contrast in this piece. A leopard has light fur with dark spots, the background remain dark with light spots.


"The Bald Pair"

Oil on belgian Linen, 29 in x 46 in

Bald eagles are my favorite birds of prey. Maybe it's their strength, their size or maybe the harsh life they lead which earned them my respect. 

I have never seen them in real but I've watched loads of documentaries on their behaviour, their habitats and their food source. The idea then dawned on me, how to create a scene which depicts them very high up but close to a water source. I wanted one of them to be wet and I managed to depict a pair of them in this beautiful scene where the viewer can understand that they are quite high up with a series of waterfalls behind them.

"Silent Stalker" [SOLD]

Oil on Belgian Linen, 46 in x 29 in

I was on a safari in England (yes there are some in the UK) where we saw two tiger roaming around. One of them spotted something and we were not sure why but it took a stalking pose and we managed to photograph it. It was too hard to resist painting this scene.

Postbridge Dartmoor Hi Res (1 of 1).jpg

"Postbridge Dartmoor"

Oil on Belgian Linen, 46 in x 29 in

This is a lovely scene from England, UK. I was fortunate enough to capture the vivid autumn colours on the bridge. The water streaming underneath it and the birds singing in the background was just a bliss.

"Into the wilderness"

Oil on canvas, 24 in x 18 in

We all know it, a walk in the forest on the weekend is so relaxing especially when the forest floor is cladded with pristine white snow. But what if you actually stumbled upon a resting tiger.


"Lakeside in Bruges"

Oil on canvas, 17 in x 14 in

We were on holidays in Bruges, Belgium when we walked across a bridge and down there was that scene. The lake was so tranquil and so quiet, only disturbed by the passing ducks. What we thought was a church was actually a pub. I managed to replicate the scenic view we saw then.

"Precious Life" [SOLD]

Oil on canvas, 46 in x 29 in

This was a commission from some year ago, where the customer wanted scene of a mother snow leopard with a cub. The background and the surrounding are all made up. I wanted to depict them in the mountains where we would normally find them.

Precious Life.jpg

"Silver King" [SOLD]

Oil on board, 24 in x 24 in

This was a commission of a white lion portrait. I wanted the focus to be on the entire face and maine of the feline with the accent on its saturated blue eyes.

"In the tree tops" [SOLD]

Oil on board, 24 in x 24 in

This was one of the first paintings I made several years ago while still trying my skills with oil paint. This is the painting which gave me confidence to pursue realistic wildlife painting. It is a far cry from my recent leopard painting but it remains a landmark, the painting that started it all.

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